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Violin Family Rental Program

At J. Rieck Music, it’s important to us to keep music accessible to all. We developed the violin family rental program to offer students and beginners access to quality violins, violas, and cellos at competitive rates. 

Is a Rental the Right Path for You?

Maybe you’re ready to realize your dream of learning the viola.

Perhaps you have a student interested in joining the school orchestra.


You want to jump in but yikes, the price of a new instrument has you tossing your dream out the window or asking your kid to join a different school program. 

We hear you. 


Purchasing a new instrument can be intimidating--especially when commitment to play is a bit squishy. You might want your kid to understand the basics on a rented instrument before making the leap to purchase. You know, just in case they wake up tomorrow and decide the tenor sax is the only instrument they’ve ever really wanted to play.


Price or shifting interest shouldn’t stand in the way of learning how to play. 


J. Rieck Music has you covered with rent-to-own violin family instruments to get you or your student playing faster than you can say, Tchaikovsky.

What’s included?

Our rental program includes a quality, student-grade instrument, as well as a case, bow, rosin and polishing cloth. You’ll get the full experience of owning and caring for a beautiful instrument at a fair, reasonable price. 


As an added bonus, J. Rieck will maintain the instrument in playing condition at no additional charge! Whether you break a string or total your instrument, we’ve got you covered with maintenance, repairs, or replacements throughout the length of your contract.*

Rental Rates & Instruments


New: $29.99 | Used: $24.99


New: $29.99 | Used: $24.99



New: $49.99 | Used: $44.99

Double Bass

Inquire for availability


Our rental instruments are limited, so don’t wait! 
Contact us today to reserve! 


Common Questions & Terms

What if I found a lower rent-to-own price? 

J Rieck Music ALWAYS matches rent-to-own rates with competitors. Let us know and we’ll work with you to match!


What If I want better than ‘student-grade’?

Perhaps you want to learn or practice on an instrument that’s a step above. Maybe student-grade isn’t quite what you are looking for. That’s just fine! We also offer high-caliber rent-to-own violins, cellos, and violas in our premium rent-to-own payment program. Give us a call to learn more.

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What if I break a string or damage my rental? 

J. Rieck will perform maintenance, repairs, or offer replacements to ensure the rental in playing condition throughout the length of contract. Please see terms and conditions below for additional information. 


Terms and Conditions:

*All instruments are rent-to-own. Contract lengths will vary depending on the final cost of the specific instrument. Instruments may be traded in toward another instrument at any time during the rental period. The customer will retain 75% of the paid premium as credit toward the purchase of the next instrument with a maximum of 75% credit toward the purchase price of any instrument. For example:  If you have paid in a total of $400 over the course of rental and you decide to upgrade or switch instruments you will retain $300 as store credit toward the purchase of the next instrument or as a credit on the next rental once the original instrument is returned. If you decide to purchase an instrument at a cost of $300, the balance owed would be 25% x $300 = $75 and you would retain $75 as store credit toward accessories or repair service.  

The rent to own contract may be bought out at any time for 80% of the remaining contract balance. the instrument can also be returned at any point during the rental period to cancel the contract. In that case the customer will not retain any credit and billing will be stopped. 

The instrument will be maintained in good playing condition during the length of the contract. Basic repair and maintenance will be executed at no charge to the renter, more substantial repairs will be completed as quickly as possible. Cosmetic retouching is not included and will only be done at the request of the renter and will be billed appropriately. If the instrument is deemed to be totaled, it will be replaced with an instrument of comparable quality and condition of the totaled instrument prior to the damage resulting in the “totaled” determination.   

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