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2019 Stringed Instrument Rental Program Information

Standard pricing listed below.

New: $25 | Used: $20

New: $26 | Used: $20

New: $46 | Used: $40

I will also match rent to own rates with competitors, please call (605) 838-5447 to inquire. J. Rieck Music's stringed instrument rental program is for student quality instruments. Step up instruments are available on a 10 payment purchase contract. Pricing includes case, bow, rosin, polishing cloth. 



All instruments are rent to own. Contract lengths will vary depending on the final cost of the specific instrument. Instruments may be traded in toward another instrument at any time during the rental period. The customer will retain 75% of the paid premium as credit toward the purchase of the next instrument with a maximum of 75% credit toward the purchase price of any instrument. For example:  If you have paid in a total of $400 over the course of rental and you decide to upgrade or switch instruments you will retain $300 as store credit toward the purchase of the next instrument or as a credit on the next rental once the original instrument is returned. If you decide to purchase an instrument at a cost of $300, the balance owed would be 25% x $300 = $75 and you would retain $75 as store credit toward accessories or repair service.  

The rent to own contract may be bought out at any time for 80% of the remaining contract balance.

The instrument will be maintained in good playing condition during the length of the contract. Basic repair and maintenance will be executed at no charge to the renter, more substantial repairs will be completed as quickly as possible. Cosmetic retouching is not included and will only be done at the request of the renter and will be billed appropriately. If the instrument is deemed to be totaled, it will be replaced with an instrument of comparable quality and condition of the totaled instrument prior to the damage resulting in the “totaled” determination.