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It’s important to make music accessible to all!
Do you or your child have a passion for music but just don’t know where to start?
Fueling that passion by making quality instruments accessible to everyone - both students and beginners is what the rent-to-own program is all about. 
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Maybe you’re ready to realize your dream of learning the viola...

Perhaps you have a student interested in joining the school orchestra.

You want to jump in but - yikes, the price of a new instrument has you tossing your dream out the window or asking your kid to join a different school program. 

You're not alone. 

Purchasing a new instrument can be intimidating, especially when you are starting out. You might want your child to understand the basics on a rented instrument before making a purchase or maybe they need a fractional instrument and you don't want to get stuck with a 1/2 violin or 13" viola forever.

Don't let the price or potential need to size up stand in the way of learning how to play. 

Check out our rent-to-own program for violins, violas, or cellos and get your instrument today!


• A quality, student-grade instrument
• A case, bow, rosin and polishing cloth
• Free instrument maintenance 

Whether you break a string or total your instrument, you're covered with maintenance, repairs, or replacements throughout the length of your contract.*
No early termination fees, return the instrument at any time.

You’ll get the experience of owning and caring for a beautiful instrument at a reasonable price.

Rental Rates & Instruments

• Violin: New: $29.99 | Used: $24.99
• Viola: New: $29.99 | Used: $24.99
• Cello: New: $49.99 | Used: $44.99
• Double Bass: Inquire for availability

Rental instruments are limited, so don’t wait!  Contact us today to reserve! 

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image of one of the coolest violin bridges I've ever seen

What If I want better than student-grade?

Perhaps you want to learn or practice on an instrument that’s a step above. Maybe student-grade isn’t quite what you are looking for. That’s just fine! We also have step up rent-to-own violins, violas, and celli, with the premium rent-to-own payment program. Give us a call to learn more.

What if I break a string or damage my rental? 

We cover all maintenance, repairs, or even a full instrument replacement to keep you playing throughout the length of contract.  

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