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Please schedule your instrument service appointment via the link below.

Fretted instrument repair services are currently booking for the week of May 7th. Other services are available now.
Walk-in restringing service is still available at the 41st St. location. No appointment necessary. 

When booking your service, please make note of the location. Fretted instrument consultations will be received at our by appointment only workshop housed within Grun Oak at 217 N. Minnesota Ave. 


J. Rieck Music is Proud to offer Plek Services!

Enhance your guitar or bass with our Plek setup services. Our advanced Plek technology precisely levels and dresses each fret, ensuring optimal performance with the strings of your choice. Perfectly polished and fine-tuned by our Owner/Luthier Josh, your instrument will sound and play its absolute best! Book your Plek service today!

Discover the revolution in guitar setup with the Plek machine, a groundbreaking achievement by Gerd Anke and Michael Dubach. Combining German precision engineering and advanced CNC technology, Plek machines offer unparalleled accuracy in fret dressing and instrument setup.

What is Plek?

In the mid-1980s, a visionary German guitar technician, Gerd Anke, and an expert toolmaker, Michael Dubach, embarked on a mission to revolutionize the guitar world. Their goal was to automate the painstaking process of guitar setup and fret dressing with unmatched precision. Through their collaboration, they harnessed the power of advanced German engineering and the latest computer-driven CNC technology to create a solution that would transform the luthier’s craft forever. They named this innovative process "Plek."

Plek technology represents a major leap forward in instrument setup. It uses sophisticated, state-of-the-art machines to achieve a level of accuracy and consistency previously unattainable by manual methods. This automation ensures that every fret is dressed to perfection, every guitar setup is executed with precision, and every instrument plays its best right out of the box.

Now, over 30 years since its inception, Plek machines have become the gold standard in instrument setup, embraced by industry leaders such as Gibson, Martin, Bourgeois and Taylor. These manufacturers are renowned for their commitment to quality and the meticulous care they invest in each instrument. The adoption of Plek technology by such esteemed companies underscores its value in producing guitars that meet the highest standards of playability and craftsmanship.



Repair Inquiry


image of Josh building something cool, like a guitar

Get your stringed instrument back in shape! 

• Knowledge and training to handle the most complex stringed instrument repairs. 
• Get that old cello playing like new. 
• Fix that bridge on your prized acoustic guitar. 

Equipped with a fully outfitted shop, you can rest assured that we’ve seen about everything. 
Whether you’re looking for a basic set up or a major structural repair, we have you covered with experienced, reliable service. 

Don’t fret wondering if this is the right shop for you. As musicians too, we know how frustrating a poorly setup guitar is to play or how devastating a complex break can be. We'll work with you to get you playing your best! 

No more talking to an operator or warranty center. We will handle your repair with the same care and attention we would give our own instruments.


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