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Your #1 Local Stringed Instrument Repair Service Center

Get your stringed instrument back in shape with J. Rieck Music. With over 35 years of combined builder experience, our team has the knowledge and training to handle even the most complex stringed instrument repairs. 

Get that old cello playing like new. Fix that bridge on your prized acoustic guitar. 

Equipped with a fully outfitted shop, you can rest assured that we’ve seen it all. Whether you’re looking for a basic set up repair or a complete restoration, we have you covered with experienced, reliable service. 

And don’t fret wondering if we’re the right shop for you. We know we’re the right choice because we care. We’re musicians too, and we know how devastating a complex break can be. It’s frustrating not knowing if your prized possession can be restored. We understand, and we’ll work with you to get it right. 

No more talking to an operator or warranty call center. We’ll handle your repair with as much care and attention as we do with our personal collections.

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Repairs On Time, The First Time

Picture this: you have a complex neck break on your prized Martin acoustic. Those chain music stores don’t have the trained staff to help you. You’re told you need to transport your precious guitar to an unknown location to complete the repair. Suddenly, the thought of shipping your instrument to an unknown location, factory or mass tech center makes you a bit nervous. 

You have no idea who will actually be working on your guitar. You’re worried about additional damage and extensive wait times. You’re unsure if they’ll fix it correctly, or if this is the first of many runs to fedex.

My friend, J. Rieck cares far too much about your instrument to keep you guessing about the repair quality, progress or timeline.

Conveniently located in Sioux Falls, SD, our fully-equipped repair shop sits right next door to our music store, offering professional repair service for all your stringed instruments. With J. Rieck, you’ll know who’s working on your guitar. Our experienced, knowledgeable staff is dedicated to maintaining the integrity of your instrument, providing top-notch timely service, and most importantly, making sure you’re comfortable and informed throughout the repair process. 

We work tirelessly to get your instrument back in shape on time, the first time.

Trust your guitar, violin, cello, viola or bass to the experience of J. Rieck Music--a certified Martin Warranty Center and career Lutherie. 

Niche Repair Services

A career in lutherie has allowed us to build partnerships with insanely talented builders and craftsmen. For some repairs and services, it takes a village, and with J. Rieck, rest assured we have partnered with the best in the business.  

We are fortunate to offer expert violin repair services via Gun Oak and bow rehair services from Con Brio Studio. Utilizing the convenience of the J Rieck storefront, both of these local shops complete high caliber work for our customers. 

Electronics and Amp Repair

Have an amp on the fritz? With the help of Dav Deg, we now offer amplifier and electronics repair services. Dave has been serving the local community out of Sioux Falls Music for years. His deep knowledge of electronics and love of gear has helped him develop a stellar repair reputation.

Repair Process

Our repair process includes a thorough evaluation of your instrument, ensuring timely work and stellar customer service.

  1. Email or call for an estimated lead time, or just stop by during regular store hours.

  2. Bring your instrument to the shop for an in-depth repair consultation.

  3. We discuss turnaround time, known variables that could affect the repair timeline, and any outstanding concerns

  4. We get you scheduled and get to work

  5. We do our magic in the shop

  6. You pick up your instrument and get back to playing music

Repair Prices

J. Rieck confidently handles a wide range of repairs at a competitive rate. From deep cleans and fretboard fixes, to headstock repairs and bridge replacements, we do it all!

Our standard service charge is $80 per hour, but we need to evaluate your instrument in order to provide an accurate quote! Please give us a call or stop by the shop to set up an appointment. 

Contact us now to set up an instrument evaluation! Space is limited, so call now to be placed on our repair schedule!

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