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Your First Stop For Stringed Instrument Service

J. Rieck Music is a full-service stringed instrument repair center. For anything from basic setup work to major structural repairs, we have you covered. With over 15 years of experience in building and repairing stringed instruments, I have seen just about everything and am equipped with a fully outfitted shop to handle the most complex repairs. 

With the help of Dave Deg, I will now be offering amplifier and electronics repair at the new location. Dave has been serving the Sioux Falls area out of Sioux Falls Music for years and has a sterling reputation due to his deep knowledge of electronics and a lifelong love of musical gear. 

Repair Prices

Guitar Setup

Bench Fee: $20 - Minimum labor charge for quick adjustments and small jobs.

Full Setup: $70 - All services of minor setup plus light fretwork (spot leveling, glue loose fret ends).(add $10 for 12-string)

New Bone Nut: $75 - Includes materials. (add $25 for 12-string)

Fret Level, Crown, and Polish: $140 - includes setup (add $20 for maple fingerboard)

Install New Tuners: $35 - $70 - Depending on how directly the new tuners fit. It may be more if it requires plugging and redrilling tuner holes.


Restring: $15 + strings (add $5 for 12-string)

Locking Tremolo Setup: $70 - Action, intonation, adjust tuners, cleaning, check electronics.

New Bone Saddle: $65 - Includes materials. (add $15 for 12-string)

Refret: $280 - includes simple dressing of the fingerboard, and basic setup (add $50-100 for maple depending on finish, add $25 for 12-string, add $70+  for major fretboard redress.)

Replace Pickguard with Prefab part: $35 plus materials - Remove and replace. May require sealing of the top if the original pickguard adhered directly to wood - add $25

Minor Setup: $45 - Action, intonation, adjust fret slots, tension tuners, clean, check electronics, tighten all screws and nuts, inspect interior and exterior, balance tremolo. (add $10 for 12-string)

Fit Premade nut or saddle: $40 + parts

Nut and Saddle Package: $125 (add $35 for 12-string)

Individual Frets: $15 per fret - $75 minimum, may require fret level as well.

Replace Pickguard with Custom part: $70 plus materials -  may require sealing of the top if the original pickguard adhered directly to wood - add $25



Guitar Structural Repair

Bridge Reglue: $120+ - Depending on complexity.

Neck Reset - Martin Dovetail: $400 - Includes new saddle and touchup. Does not include fretwork or new nut. (add $25 for 12-string)

Repair Bridge Plate: $90

Crack Repair w/ Retouch: $50 + $15 per cleat

Headstock Crack with Splines Or Overlay: $300+ - Depending on complexity. Includes finishing. Setup not included (+$40)

Bridge Replacement: $180 + cost of prefab bridge - Fit prefab bridge, includes new bone saddle, minor retouch, and setup.  

Neck Reset - Taylor NT: $100

Repair Individual Holes on Bridge Plate: $15 ea

Crack Repair w/o Retouch: $25 + $10 per cleat

General Finish Retouch: $70+ - By estimate.

Handmade New Bridge: $250+ - Often necessary for vintage instruments. Includes minor retouch, compensated bone saddle, and setup. Does not include the cost of bridge blank.  

Neck Reset - Other makes, joint styles: By Estimate only. Not possible on all guitars. 

Replace Bridge Plate: $210 

Glue Headstock Crack: $120 - Includes basic finish retouch. Setup not included (+$45).

Guitar Electronics

*Prices below are for labor only, parts are additional. Hollow body guitars add $20-$40 depending on work needed.  

Diagnostic Bench Fee (if no work is performed): $20

Replace Pots: $35 for the first, $10 for each additional.

Replace Pickups: $35 first, $10 for each additional.
Install Acoustic Pickup: $70 - Install under saddle, or K&K Pure Mini style pickup with end jack. Includes minor setup adjustment as needed.

Replace 3-way Switch: $35

Route for new pickups - flat top (Fender style): $70 for first $35 for each additional.
Replace Jack: $20 - on Strat style where the pickguard needs to be removed $40 if this is the only work performed.

Replace 5-way Switch: $50

Custom Wiring: By estimate


Amplifier Repair

Amp repair is now available on-site. Estimates will be provided before work is performed. 


Violin Family Repair Prices

Violin Repair Pricing Coming Soon


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