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We are shifting our services to be scheduled by appointment!
This is a good thing!

We are very excited to try a new Booking System for all of the services we provide. The aim is to improve customer experience by improving communication between the appropriate staff member and customer as well as faster turn around times once your instrument is in the shop.

We are also expanding our bookable services beyond repair to offer Consignment Intake by appointment as well as Personalized Shopping with a dedicated staff member to assist you. 

We are not able to accept amplifier repair at this time. Once we clear the backlog we will make amp repair service available again. 

When booking your service, please make note of the location. For Thursday and Friday repair consultation, appointments will be received at our workshop housed within Grun Oak at 217 N. Minnesota Ave. The shop is by appointment only and does not have any retail inventory on hand, we are receiving customers there now to have Logan or Josh directly interfacing with the customer during repair drop-off. 

If you are unable to find a bookable time in the appropriate calendar, please send a message via the contact form below. Since this is a new feature, we will need your feedback to make sure that we find a balance between the availability and focused time in the shop to complete the work we are receiving. 

Thank you very much
for your continued support and p
lease feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns via the Contact form below. 

- Josh 

Repair Inquiry

Repair Department Policy

Our goal with these policies is to keep the repair department running smoothly and to ensure fair treatment to all customers.  


  1. All work will be done in the order it was received.

    1. We do keep a few different work queues running concurrently so that does not mean your setup will have to wait for someone's neck reset but it does mean that your setup will be done after the other setups that were received before yours. 

  2. No rush jobs

    1. Rush work puts your repair in the front of the line, we have experimented with charging extra and various other methods of accommodating people but at the end of the day, a rush job is a disservice to everyone who had brought their work in before the rush job came. 

    2. We MAY be able to accommodate scheduling setup work for people with specific needs. This is NOT guaranteed and must be arranged with either Logan or Josh in advance. 

  3. Estimated prices and deadlines are just that, estimates.

    1. Setups and small jobs are fairly easy to estimate and will generally be provided an estimated due date.

    2. Larger guitar repair work may not be provided an estimated date of completion.

      1.  We can always provide you with your position in the queue. Work will be done in the order it was received and unfortunately, it will take as long as it takes to be done to the best of our abilities. 

      2. Some jobs are harder to price than others. We will do our best to discuss this upfront and keep you informed of any changes as they arise.

 If you need to inquire about the status of your repair please email and we will get back to you in a timely manner.
image of Josh building something cool, like a guitar

Get your stringed instrument back in shape! 

• Knowledge and training to handle the most complex stringed instrument repairs. 
• Get that old cello playing like new. 
• Fix that bridge on your prized acoustic guitar. 

Equipped with a fully outfitted shop, you can rest assured that we’ve seen about everything. 
Whether you’re looking for a basic set up or a major structural repair, we have you covered with experienced, reliable service. 

Don’t fret wondering if this is the right shop for you. As musicians too, we know how frustrating a poorly setup guitar is to play or how devastating a complex break can be. We'll work with you to get you playing your best! 

No more talking to an operator or warranty center. We will handle your repair with the same care and attention we would give our own instruments.



Repair Prices

A wide range of repairs at competitive rates are what you can expect.

From deep cleans and fretboard fixes, to headstock repairs and bridge replacements, we will care for your instrument!

Standard service charge is $90 per hour, but evaluation is needed in order to provide an accurate quote.

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