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We have a '78 Musicmaster Bass Amplifier for sale. 

Introduced in 1970, these amps were targeted towards the budget gear market, along with the Musicmaster Bass guitar which was introduced at the same time. As it turns out they weren't much of a bass amp, but they really shine as a guitar amplifier and are popular with the blues crowd. With 12 watts RMS of output power, the amp offers up excellent clean tones. When cranked, they crunch nicely. 

The circuit on this model is unique in that Fender used a center tapped transformer as the phase inverter for the output duet (as opposed to the normal tube inverter circuit on their other amps up to this time.) This method is more expensive, and not what you would expect to see on a typical budget amp.
Tube-wise, there were two versions of the amp. The early version used a pair of 6AQ5s in the output section, the later version used 6V6s. This amp is the 6V6 version.  The preamp uses both sides of the single 12AX7A. Controls are 1 volume, and 1 tone. 

Condition wise, this specific amp is in fantastic shape. Hardware is all there, looking great. The faceplate is near perfect.  The cabinet covering is in surprisingly nice shape, with one small tear. The grill cloth is very good. Has the original 12" speaker. The 3 transformers all look correct. 

Current tube compliment, all made in USA and likely the originals with 1978 date codes. 

One RCA 12AX7A/7025 Twin Diode Preamp
One pair of RCA 6V6

Don't let the simplicity of this amp fool you. It's is a great player for blues and traditional rock, going from clean to crunch with a turn of your guitar's volume knob. It's loud enough for practice and small gigs, and won't break your back (weighing in at 28.4 lbs.)

We have another of these amps (the earlier 6AQ5/EL84 version) listed,  as well as a really nice Musicmaster Bass Guitar if you are looking.