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Orange Super Crush 100C Guitar Combo Amp


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The debate between solid state and tube amps has been going on for what seems like ages now, and during that time Orange has made their own set of rules. No tubes, no problem, the Orange Super Crush 100 has you covered! A two channel-100 watt monster of a combo delivering convincing tube tones, without the weight! Not all clean channels are created equal, and the shimmery reverb of this amp proves that point with every note. There's a reason why Toni Iommi chose Orange Amps for the first few Black Sabbeth records, and you'll quickly realize this upon flipping to the dirty channel! A gritty overdriven rhythm and tight controlled lead, you can play all night with this amp and never feel as though you're sacrificing certain tones due to lack of tubes. This amp has all of the tones you need, plus a few extra, and dare I say a bit of mojo as well? Don't listen to me though, come find out for yourself down at J. Rieck Music, where you can try out the Orange Super Crush 100 and more!
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