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Presonus CDL12

The result of years of research and development, the PreSonus CDL12 combines the best attributes of point source and line array technology into a unique patent-pending design. You get clear, articulate speech intelligibility and natural music reproduction thanks to its highly focused pattern with consistent SPL throughout the frequency response range, both on- and off-axis.

Each CDL12 consists of eight 2-inch drivers aligned in a segmented circular-arc high-frequency array centered in front of a 12-inch woofer. Because the output of the low-frequency driver travels from the same acoustic axis as the high-frequency array, the pattern always radiates from the center. This is true whether the CDL12 is used individually or as part of an acoustically coupled vertical array with up to six enclosures. This unique design avoids the near-field anomalies that can interfere with the sound quality of a traditional line array by creating a far-field response almost as soon as the sound is projected from the center of the enclosure.

Integrated pin-loaded rigging hardware makes create an array fast and easy. A dual-angle pole mount is also provided, supporting the use of one or two enclosures when pole mounted on a tripod stand, or atop the companion CDL18s subwoofer. For suspended applications, up to five CDL12 enclosures can be flown beneath one or two CDL18s subwoofers. When flown without a subwoofer, six CDL12 loudspeakers can be arrayed to create a truly symmetric 120 x 120 design.

These PreSonus CDL12's are in excellent condition