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Presonus CDL18S Powered Sub

A terrific complement for any full-range loudspeaker and the perfect companion for PreSonus® CDL-series loudspeakers, the CDL Sub18 Active Subwoofer delivers tight, coherent low-end, driven by an integrated 2,000-watt Class D power amp, and features a unique ported design that maximizes efficiency. Its powerful, articulate sub-bass performance and compact design make the CDL Sub18 a great choice for installed and mobile sound.

The CDL Sub18 features a 18-inch LF transducer with 4-inch voice coil, providing 7 mm of driver travel before over-excursion to move more air for a low-end punch you can feel. When flown or combined for ground-stacked applications, the CDL Sub18 and CDL12P or CDL10P form a complete system with an even response across the frequency spectrum.

An integrated pole mount supports ground-stacked systems with up to two CDL-series loudspeakers. For more bass, stack two CDL Sub18 subwoofers together. Integrated M10 fly points make it easy to suspend CDL Sub18 subwoofers, for flexibility in any environment.

For flexibility in various live sound situations, a menu system is provided for adjusting the performance of the subwoofer. This includes, sound enhancing presets, plus a variable low pass filter for adjusting the transition between full range loudspeakers.

These PreSonus CDL18s speakers are in excellent condition.