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Roland CR68 Compu Rhythm Drum Machine

Step back into the rhythmic heart of the 1970s with the Roland CR-68, a straightforward and vintage-inspired drum machine. Known as a scaled-down version of the legendary CR-78, the CR-68 offers an easy-to-use interface and classic features that made it a staple in many music productions of its time.

The CR-68 boasts 34 preset rhythms, each with five different variations, allowing you to effortlessly explore a wide range of beats. The balance and accent controls enable you to fine-tune your rhythms, while Roland's iconic Fill-In section adds dynamic transitions to your patterns. Although the CR-68 does not support custom pattern programming like the CR-78, its simplicity and reliability make it a beloved choice for musicians seeking authentic retro drum sounds.

Ideal for both studio use and live performances, the Roland CR-68 delivers a nostalgic sound that captures the essence of the 70s. Enhance your music with this classic drum machine and experience the timeless beats that have inspired generations.

Order the Roland CR-68 today from J. Rieck Music and bring a touch of vintage rhythm to your musical creations.

This Roland CR68 is in very good condition and works perfectly! It does have a few dings and scuffs here and there but is in overall clean condition. Please contact us for additional pictures. 

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