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The high quality straps can load at least 170lb weights by backpack.

Headbelts And Neck Strap

The case can be opened by standing straight. The head-belt and the neck strap keep the cello staying in the case steadily.

High Quality Wheels

The integrated wheels make sure the case can be carried smoothly and steadily.

Molded Back Handle

The reputation of the back grab handle has been proved by no complaint of the past 5 years.

Instrument: Cello

Package Dimensions: 142cm x 53cm x 35cm (56" x 21" x 14")
Shipping Weight: 8.4kg (18.5lb)
Net weight: 6.8kg (15lb)
Keys x 2
Deluxe backpack straps x 2
Removable padding strips x 2

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