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Up for sale we have this 70's era Gerrinez LP style guitar. This guitar came with an orange paper Greco label that had been placed over the the Gerrinez headstock inset. Information is very hard to find on this name, but there is some chatroom traffic on the web saying this was a private labeled house brand built by the manufacturers of Ibanez at that time, for a music store in the Hauge named Gerritse. As far as unique vintage Japanese guitars from the 70s go, this is one you'll not likely run across again. 

There's lots of various play wear, including a large ding on the edge of the binding and into the top a bit under the bridge volume knob. None of the wear or ding mentioned affects performance or playability.

The body is plywood, with veneered back, sides, and a shaped cap. The 5-ply w/b/w/b/w binding has yellowed nicely, with no loose areas and no evident rot. The 2-ply pickguard and pickup surrounds are in excellent condition, with no cracking or damage.

Original electronics consist of a pair of unbranded humbuckers, 500K pots, green chicklet .047 poly caps. Replacement electronics consist of a Switchcraft 3-way switch and Puretone output jack.

The bolt-on neck has a nice bound rosewood FB that shows no damage and cleaned up very well.  The original 22 frets were leveled and crowned, and it plays nicely. The guitar was set up for 9-42 strings, which feel right for this instrument. The original tuners are not bent up, and function properly. They show minor corrosion and patina. 

This is a good looking and playing guitar, ready to go.