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For sale we have this 1975 Precision Bass that is in VG condition. This natural finished guitar shows the wear and tear you would expect from a 48yr old instrument that was used as intended. There are dings, buckle-rash, finish wear, and finish checking. Having said that, it's a solid player, set up with new strings and ready to go for a few more decades if asked to. All hardware appears to be original. The CTS control pots are dated 1973 and 1974, and the wiring looks untouched. The 1-piece maple neck has a small pea-sized dent on the fingerboard just above fret 1 on the low e edge out of the playing area.  The frets average around .039" tall. There is no fret end sprout. The neck is 1.62" wide at the nut, 2.25" wide at the 12th fret. The tuners function properly, with very little patina on them and no corrosion evident. The body hardware shows some patina, with no notable corrosion. The white pick guard shows no cracks. The weight of the instrument comes in at 8.4 pounds on our scale. What looks to be the OHSC is in like condition, with all hardware attached and functional other than one of the small dome/feet missing on the bottom of the case. The orange lining inside is all there, showing some shrinkage and pulling away a bit on the lid inside.

This is a nice, playable example of a mid '70s P-Bass.