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Danelectro 59X 12-String Guitar


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Elevate your playing with the Danelectro 59X 12-String Guitar. Featuring a classic Shorthorn shape, versatile pickups, and a fully adjustable bridge, this guitar offers a unique blend of vintage tone and modern playability. Perfect for guitarists seeking to explore new sonic territories. Don't miss out on this exquisite 12-string masterpiece – add it to your collection today and experience unparalleled musical expression. Shop now at J. Rieck Music!

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The Danelectro 59X 12-String Guitar combines vintage vibes with modern functionality,

making it an exceptional choice for musicians who appreciate the unique sound of a 12-string guitar. The iconic Shorthorn body shape not only provides a nod to classic designs but also offers comfort and playability, ensuring you can play for hours on end without discomfort.

At the heart of the 59X12TM are its pickups:

one dual humbucking Lipstick® bridge pickup and one vintage-style large housing single-coil neck pickup. This combination allows for an incredible range of tones, from bright and clean to rich and warm, suitable for a variety of music genres. The master volume and tone controls, along with the tone's push-pull switch to split the bridge pickup, provide extensive sound shaping capabilities, letting you fine-tune your sound with precision.

The guitar's 25″ scale length and 21 frets offer a comfortable playing experience,

with easy access to the upper frets for soloing. The fully adjustable 12-string bridge ensures perfect intonation across all strings, making tuning and maintenance a breeze.

Whether you're playing at home, recording in the studio, or performing live, the Danelectro 59X 12-String Guitar is sure to impress with its distinctive sound and stylish appearance. Its blend of retro aesthetics and modern functionality makes it a must-have for any guitarist looking to add a 12-string guitar to their collection.