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Early 2000's Danelectro Hodad in Blue Sparkle

Equipped with 4 Lipstick® pickups, ingeniously configured as 2 humbuckers for that rich, unmistakable sound. Discover a new realm of sonic possibilities with pull-on tone knobs allowing for out-of-phase playing and coil-tapping on each pickup set, offering twelve distinct tone variations. Dive into vintage vibes with the retro whammy bar (plus an adjustable bridge on the non-tremolo variant), and shape your sound with ease using dual tone and volume controls. Precision tuning is guaranteed with Gotoh Tuners. Step back in time but play ahead of the curve with this one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

This Danelectro Hodad is in very good condition. There are scratches on the back of the body and on the control plate. The neck has minimal fret wear with a few dings on the back of the neck.

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