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Epiphone Les Paul Traditional Pro-IV

The Epiphone Les Paul Trad Pro IV represents the pinnacle of guitar craftsmanship, tailored for enthusiasts of the iconic Les Paul series. At its heart, the Les Paul Trad Pro IV is equipped with Alnico Classic Pro humbuckers, engineered to reproduce the deep, warm tones synonymous with classic rock music.

The body of tradition meets modern functionality as this guitar features a treble-bleed circuit, ensuring that high frequencies are maintained at lower volumes—an essential for dynamic stage performances. Additionally, the push/pull volume controls allow for easy coil splitting, offering a versatile range of tones suitable for multiple genres. The guitar’s aesthetic is completed with a nod to the original Les Pauls, making it not just an instrument, but a collector’s item.

With a setup that promotes exceptional playability and sound quality, the Les Paul Trad Pro IV is designed to inspire both seasoned musicians and those new to the electric guitar scene. It’s more than a guitar; it’s a gateway to the past, ready to carve future musical journeys.

This Epiphone Les Paul Traditional Pro is in excellent condition. Minimal fret wear. Protective film is still on the pickguard!