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G&L Asat Classic Bluesboy Excellent Condition!!

Discover the G&L ASAT® Classic Bluesboy Semi-Hollow: a masterpiece that redefines the classic single-cutaway, bolt-on guitar, enriched by Leo Fender's legacy. This model elevates the art of guitar design with its semi-hollow structure, featuring G&L's innovative twin voice chambers and an f-hole that adorns its captivating sassafras body. This guitar harmoniously combines a G&L alnico humbucker, crafted by Paul Gagon, with a Leo Fender-designed single-coil G&L Magnetic Field Design bridge pickup, delivering a fusion of soulful warmth and crisp, harmonic-rich tones.

Encased within a timeless boxed-steel bridge, the MFD bridge pickup offers a sharp, clear attack embellished with rich harmonics, while the individually adjustable brass saddles provide unparalleled intonation precision. Switch to the neck humbucker for velvety, warm tones that beckon the soul. Together, they unlock an astonishing range of sounds, complemented by the semi-hollow body's natural ability to mellow the midrange, enhancing both the bass and treble harmonics.

The Tribute® Series ASAT Classic Bluesboy Semi-Hollow stands as a testament to G&L's genuine craftsmanship, available at a price within reach for dedicated musicians everywhere. Experience the G&L Tribute Series, and you'll understand why it's a choice that marks a before and after in your musical journey.

This G&L ASAT Classic Bluesboy is in excellent condition! There are a few scratches on the chrome pickup cover and on the control plate. The guitar has been upgraded with Locking Graph Tech Ratio tuners. 

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