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Ibanez GIO Soundgear Bass

Crafted from resilient maple, the GSR4 neck on this guitar provides a smooth, durable surface that stands up to rigorous play. Its comfortable profile makes it easy to navigate the full range of the fretboard. Constructed from mahogany, the body of this guitar not only delivers a rich, warm tone but also ensures a light and manageable weight, making it ideal for both studio sessions and live performances. The rosewood fretboard iwith white dot inlays, offering a classic look with a sleek, smooth feel. The PSNDP neck and PSNDJ bridge pickups, both passive, offer a versatile setup that can handle anything from deep, growling lows to sparkling highs. This setup ensures that the guitar is adaptable to various genres and playing techniques.

This Ibanez bass in in good condition! Minimal fret wear. There are scratches on the front and back from normal playing wear. Just set up with a new set of strings and is ready to rock!