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No one knows violin family instruments like J. Rieck Music. Whether you are on the hunt for a violin, viola, cello or bass, we’ve got you covered with our impressive inventory. Our collection is regularly updated, so no matter your skill level or budget, we have quality instruments ready for you to explore. 

Curious about features or playability? Our knowledgeable staff is always ready to discuss our inventory and your performance needs, so you make the best decision for you.

Quality Care and Maintenance 

Unlike many of our competitors, we stand behind the stringed instruments we sell. J. Rieck Music proudly offers maintenance and repair services for your violin, viola, cello and bass, keeping your prized instrument in tip-top shape. We’ll never just sell you an instrument and bid you well. We care about the instrument you purchased just as much in five years as we do the day it leaves our shop. 


Need a restring or bridge replacement? Our talented team of luthiers and technicians know these instruments inside and out. Maybe you need to rehair your bow? We’ve partnered with the best in niche techs in the business. You can trust us to maintain the playability and integrity of your instrument for years to come. 

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2008 Hans Kroger 560H 1/2 size Cello


4/4 Viola Bow


Amati Sacconi 4/4 Cello


Andreas Hornsteiner 15" Viola

$999.00 $1,499.99

Core 1088 Cello Bow


Core 1088 Viola Bow


Core 1088 Violin Bow


Core A10 Violin Outfit

$372.00 - $535.00

Core A20 Viola Outfit

$468.00 - $675.00

Core A30 Cello Outfit

$1,032.00 $1,290.00

Core A40 3/4 Double Bass Outfit


Core Academy 1/8 German Bass Bow


Core Academy 4/4 Cello Bow Carbon, Black Stick w/ White Hair


Core Dragon 10 Violin 4/4

$924.00 $1,155.00

Glasser Standard 1/2 Fiberglass Violin Bow


Knilling 2008 "Dvorak" 4/4 Violin outfit


Knilling Bucharest 15" Viola 3105FF

$480.00 $599.99

Leon Pique Violin Bow


Lewis and Son 15.5" Viola


Lewis and Sons 16" Viola

$400.00 $500.00

Lisle 3/4 Violin Model 126


W.E. Dorfler Bow DO22


Walther Brendel 15" Viola


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