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The DO17 Pernambuco Full Size Violin Bow is an exquisite piece of craftsmanship that stands as a testament to the artistry and precision required in the creation of high-quality string instrument accessories. This bow is designed for the sophisticated musician who demands not only exceptional function but also aesthetic elegance from their instruments.

Crafted from select Pernambuco wood, known for its outstanding resilience and superior acoustic properties, the DO17 offers unmatched flexibility and strength. This wood is highly valued for its ability to produce a rich, warm tone, enhancing the expressive capabilities of the violin. The bow's shaft is carefully carved, ensuring a perfect balance and weight distribution that facilitates natural, effortless playability across the entire range of bowing techniques.

The frog of the DO17 is a masterpiece in itself, constructed from the finest ebony and inlaid with mother-of-pearl for a luxurious finish. Attention to detail is evident in the precision of its fit against the stick, allowing for smooth, precise adjustments of tension. The use of high-quality materials extends to the winding and grip, which are designed for both comfort and durability, providing a secure hold for the most demanding performances.

One of the hallmarks of the DO17 is its use of premium Mongolian horsehair. Selected for its ability to grip the strings without producing excessive noise, this hair enables the violinist to achieve a wide dynamic range and a palette of tonal colors. From the delicate whisper of pianissimo passages to the powerful declaration of fortissimo, the bow responds with sensitivity and consistency.

The balance and responsiveness of the DO17 Pernambuco Bow make it an ideal choice for advanced students and professional players alike. Its ability to convey the subtlest musical intentions, coupled with its robust construction, ensures that it can withstand the rigors of intense practice and performance schedules.

Owning a DO17 is more than an investment in a high-quality bow; it is a commitment to the pursuit of musical excellence. Its superior playability and tonal contribution will inspire any violinist to explore new depths of musical expression, making every performance an unforgettable experience.