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The usual configuration for 9s – gauges 9-11-16-24-32-42 – has its merits, but it's not without flaws, particularly at the higher end of the spectrum. Many manufacturers adhere to this standard, but the imbalance in tension between strings has always been a glaring issue. That's where StringJoy comes in to change the narrative.

We've addressed this imbalance by substituting the .011 and .016 strings with .012 and .015 gauges, respectively. This adjustment ensures a more harmonious tension across all strings, enhancing playability and intonation across the entire fretboard. The Balanced 9's set offers a seamless playing experience, ensuring each note rings true with perfect tension balance.

If you're a player who gravitates towards the 9s for their super light touch, The Balanced 9s are a game-changer. They're designed to elevate your playing experience, ensuring your guitar performs optimally, with every fret and string in perfect harmony. Try the Balanced 9s and feel the difference in how your guitar plays, responds, and sounds.