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"Thank you x 1000 for this wonderful instrument! It's everything I wanted and much more- the dynamic range seems infinite. Such a joy to play and discover- I just noticed the ovangkol inlay on the side of the fingerboard at fret 12 a little while ago and am still grinning about it!" - Eric Ulvog, RM-OOOO, 2016

"Your uke is a real gem!!!!... I love the sound as I would characterize it as warm and mellow as opposed to bright and almost strident as lots of lower quality high G ukes sound." - Kimo Hussey, Tenor Uke LS, 2016

"Awesome talent coming out of South Dakota... He's a thinking man's luthier..." - Michael Chock, Hana Lima la Ukulele Making School, 2016

"Josh took the time to sit down and have a consultation with me. We chatted about how I wanted my custom to sound, how I wanted it to play, and how I wanted it to look. He absolutely delivered on everything! He still cares about my guitar after it left his shop, and that is just one more reason I am proud to play a J. Rieck custom design." -Craig Pederson, 000, 2016

"Just wanted to let you know that my guitar is better than it has ever been. It sounds good and is much easier to play. Thank you for you excellent work!" - Randy Becker, 2016 Repair Customer.

"The guitar is great... I just love it." - Rich Erickson, Wedge OOO, 2016.

"I continue to be awed by your level of creativity and drive. You have everything it takes [to be] a world class luthier." -David Lang, Luthier, 2016

"Josh is friendly, honest and did a helluva fine job! Brought him a couple of my dad's old guitars and my son hasn't stopped playing them since I walked them in the door. Thanks!!" - Michael Phinney, 2015 Repair Customer

"Had a few problems with my resonator, Josh expertly fixed them and had the guitar back in my hands 24 hours later. Top notch, friendly service." -Mark Gregg, 2015 Repair Customer